World Basketball Challenge

World Basketball Challenge Instructions

World Basketball Challenge is controlled by using the keyboard. The left and right arrow keys are used to move your player. The down arrow key is used to pick the ball up from the ground. The up arrow key is used to jump. The spacebar is used to throw the ball. Quickly tapping the down arrow key followed by the up arrow key fakes a shot.


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World Basketball Challenge Walkthrough

World Basketball Challenge is an interesting basketball game that pits you in a tournament of one-on-one games against the computer. This basketball game features customizable characters, a variety of upgrades, and challenging gameplay.

Each round in World Basketball Championship is broken into three thirty-second periods. Your objective is to get a higher score than your opponent at the end of the game in order to progress to the next stage in the tournament.

Winning rounds earns you money that you can use in the shop between levels. Each upgrade in World Basketball Championship has its own description, but the game does not tell you which statistic each upgrade will increase. In fact, the statistic that is upgraded seems to vary between each game, and sometimes upgrades don't seem to increase any statistic! Buying upgrades is still a good thing because having increased stats really helps in this basketball game. Between each round, you may also customize your character's skin tone, hair style, and the background of the court that you wish to play on in this basketball game.

World Basketball Championship is a very tricky game. There is no way to steal the ball from your opponent, so you will have to wait until your opponent shoot in order to get a chance to gain possession of the ball. You may block shots by jumping, but you will not always catch the ball or successfully block the shot. Sometimes, you might even accidentally spike the ball into your own net while trying to block a shot, so be careful!

Unless you have a high throwing statistic in World Basketball Championship, you can expect to miss many of your shots. The only certain way to score in this basketball game to to make a slam dunk. A slam dunk can be executed by standing under your opponent's net while in possession of the ball and tapping the up arrow key. Be quick about it though, because your player will automatically throw the ball after being in possession of it for eight consecutive seconds!

World Basketball Championship is a very challenging game. This basketball game can be confusing and its physics are a bit strange, but after you get the hang of it you'll certainly find World basketball Challenge to be an entertaining basketball game!