VR Quarterback Challenge

VR Quarterback Challenge Instructions

VR Quarterback Challenge is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. Use the left and right arrow keys (or A and D keys) to move your quarterback left and right respectively. Throw to your receivers by clicking the mouse.


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VR Quarterback Challenge Walkthrough

VR Quarterback Challenge puts you in the cleats of a quarterback training in a virtual reality simulator. This football game features awesome graphics, the ability to save your progress, and simple controls.

The goal of VR Quarterback Challenge is to score enough points within thirty seconds in order to make it to the next level. Points are scored in this football game by completing passes to your receivers (represented by the "O"s on the field). The number of points that you must score is displayed in the upper portion of the game's interface, below the game's logo. The number of points that you have scored so far on the current level is displayed in the upper-right corner of the game's interface. The number of points that you will need to progress increases with each consecutive level.

VR Quarterback Challenge is simple to control, but is indeed a challenging game. It's easy to score enough points on the first levels of this football game, but if you want to score big (a necessity on later levels) you will have to thrill the crowds by raising your hype meter. The Hype Meter is raised by completing consecutive passes. The higher the mater, the more points you will score for completed passes. The Hype Meter is located to the right of the game's interface.

Another good way to raise your score in VR Quarterback Challenge is to complete passes to your receivers when they are red. It is best not to sit around waiting for them to turn red, but if you manage to complete a pass to a red receiver, you will be able to score more points.

A final way to maintain a high score in this football game is to make sure that your passes are not intercepted. If one of your passes is caught by a defender (represented by "X"s) then not only will you take a score penalty, but you will also lose time!

VR Quarterback Challenge is a great football game that is sure to provide you with entertainment. If you need to take a break, feel free to save the game and continue your quarterbacking career at a later date. Are you ready to become the next John Elway? Find out in VR Quarterback Challenge!