Twisted Tennis

Twisted Tennis Instructions

Twisted Tennis is controlled by using the keyboard. The arrow keys are used to move, the Z key is used for a fast hit, the X key is use for a low hit, and the C key is used for a high hit. You may customize these controls before the game starts.


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Twisted Tennis Walkthrough

Twisted Tennis is a unique sports game that blends the sport of tennis with arcade action. Twisted Tennis features anime-style characters, three courts to play on, and a two-player mode.

Twisted Tennis plays similar to the real sport of tennis. In order to win this tennis game, you must defeat your opponent in three sets. Each set is won by scoring at least four points with a two-point advantage over your opponent. A player scores points in this tennis game if the opponent hits the ball out of bounds, faults twice when serving, or if the ball lands in their opponent's side of the court and fails to volley the ball back. After each set, the players alternate in serving.

Twisted Tennis starts you, the human player (or Player 1 when playing against another human), as the server. To serve, press any of the shot keys to throw the ball into the air, and press it again to serve the ball. If you fail to serve the ball after throwing it, you will get a fault. If you fault twice, your opponent will score a point.

When volleying in this tennis game, try to keep your player in the center of the court so that you can easily react regardless of where the ball is heading. Start moving towards where the ball will be as soon as your opponent hits it so that you can quickly volley it back. When hitting the ball, hold down an arrow key to determine the position that you want it to go in. Pressing the down arrow key when you hit the ball will go high. Pressing the up arrow key when hitting the ball will slam the ball down and is goof when you are playing the net. Using the left or right arrow keys will cause the ball to go left or right respectively. You must also take into account your position relative to the ball when you hit it. In my experience, the key that you use to make your character swing their racket really doesn't matter in this tennis game, but you may want to experiment to verify this for yourself.

Twisted Tennis wouldn't be twisted if it didn't have power shots. Power shots add flavor to this tennis game, and are earned by filling the bar at the top of the screen. If you hit objects, people, or animals in the background during a volley, then your power bar will increase faster. Once the bar is full, you may activate your power shot by quickly tapping the fast hit key when you contact the ball. Your opponent has this ability too, however, so be on guard!

Twisted Tennis is a challenging tennis game that can provide hours of entertainment. Play Twisted Tennis alone or share the fun with a friend in two-player mode!