Trick Hoops Challenge

Trick Hoops Challenge Instructions

Choose position of shot using the mouse. Begin shot by clicking the ball with the left mouse button and holding the button down. Choose the angle and power of your shot by dragging away from the ball with the left mouse button. Shoot by releasing the left mouse button.


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Trick Hoops Challenge Walkthrough

I'm not too proud to admit when I have trouble with a game and I have to admit, Trick Hoops Challenge was pretty difficult for me to get the hang of. Part physics game, part basketball game this one challenges you to outdo your opponent in every way. Newcomers to basketball games are definitely in for a hard time with this one and even more experienced players are going to have trouble getting the hang of it. While the controls should be pretty familiar to anyone who not only has experience with basketball games but any sports game in general, your goal isn't just to get the ball in the net. This one is all about the tricks you perform to get that ball in the net. That's what makes the game so unique and is also what makes it so challenging. You'll have a blast with this one even if you don't get good at it right away.

As I mentioned, Trick Hoops Challenge is all about outdoing your opponent. If you start off the game, you will have to design a trick that you're confident you can nail but also that you think will trip up your opponent. You'll do this by calling your shot using the tricks at the top of the screen. You have six options; regular, floor, wall, moonshot, board and swish. These are all pretty self explanatory, especially with the helpful little illustrations that accompany the names of the tricks. While you may be tempted to throw in a lot of tricks to throw off your opponent, you have to remember that you need to get the basket first. If you fail to make the shot, your opponent will not only not have to attempt the trick you laid out, but they'll also get the chance to lay out a trick of their own. Keep it simple at first. Stick to one trick per shot until you get a feel for the game. Once you have a little more experience, you can step up your game.

The real challenge of Trick Hoops Challenge not only lies in planning a shot that you can nail that will still trip up your opponent but also meeting the challenges your opponents set for you. You need to pay attention to your opponents shot because if they nail it, you will need to replicate that shot. If you fail to do that, you will have a very hard time making it through this game. After your opponent nails a shot, you will have to recreate the shot. Once advantage working in your favor here is that when you begin your challenge shot the ball will be in the same position your opponent's ball was in when they took the shot. If you pay attention to the angle and power they used to begin with, you should be able to recreate the shot with little trouble. It's all about watching and learning as much as you can before it's your turn.

As you progress in Trick Hoops Challenge things get a lot more difficult. More tricks show up in your opponent's challenges and your opponents themselves get far more accurate when shooting. You really need to step up your game in those later levels if you want to come out on top. At the same time, it is absolutely key that you don't step outside your skill set. Don't try to get fancy just for the sake of getting fancy. As you play, your skills will improve. Pushing yourself beyond what you're capable of will only frustrate you. Step up your game as much as your opponent requires. You might have to play the first level or two several times before you can progress only to find you get hung up on the later levels. It's alright. This is a difficult game, but you will get the hang of it.

Overall, Trick Hoops Challenge is a unique and intriguing basketball game that will continue to challenge you as you play. There is nothing easy about this one, but that's really what makes it so addictive. Give yourself a little time to play the game and get used to the controls, the tricks and trying to meet your opponent's challenges. You'll get better with experience. Keep an eye out for swishes as well. To be successful, a swish needs to be nothing but net. No rim, no backboard. In addition, it's extremely important to watch your opponent's shot. Pay attention to the position of the arrow and how large it is. If you can remember that and do the same with your own shot, you should be able to nail it every time. This is a great basketball game for any fan of the genre and it's a game that will definitely keep you coming back for more.