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Toon Hoops is controlled by using the keyboard. In a one-player game, the arrow keys are used to move and the 0 (zero) key is used to shoot, jump, and steal. In a two-player game, player one uses the WASD keys to move and the spacebar to shoot, jump, and steal; player two uses the arrow keys are used to move and the numerical keypad 0 is used to shoot, jump, and steal.


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Toon Hoops Walkthrough

Toon Hoops is a basketball game presented by Cartoon Network. This sports game features colorful graphics, a basic control scheme, and characters from popular Cartoon Network original series (also known as Cartoon Cartoons), each with their own special abilities and attributes.

Toon Hoops pits you in a one-on-one game of basketball against either a computer-controlled opponent or a human player. There are three modes of gameplay in this sports game: Single-Player Game, Two-Player Game, and Single-Player Tournament. In Single-Player Game Mode, you play in an exhibition match against a computer-controlled opponent. Two-Player Game Mode is similar, except that you will play against a human opponent in hot-seat multiplayer. The final gameplay mode, Single-Player Tournament, pits you in a five-round tournament against AI-controlled players. In all gameplay modes, matches consist of four two-minute periods. The player with the most points at the end of the fourth period wins the match.

Toon Hoops uses simple, somewhat cumbersome keyboard controls. In single-player game modes, the arrow keys are used to move and the 0 (zero) key is used to jump, shoot, block, and steal. In two-player games, player one uses the WASD keys to move and the spacebar to perform actions while player two uses the arrow keys to move and the 0 (zero) key to perform actions. The game may be easier to control if you turn on number lock and use the numeric keypad zero key.

The simplicity of this basketball game's controls may be its downfall for some. Aside from movement, all actions are controlled by one key (the zero key or the spacebar, depending on the gameplay mode and player that you are controlling). When in possession of the ball, press and hold the action key to jump, then release to shoot. When playing on defense, press the action key when close to your opponent to attempt to steal the ball, or press it as your opponent is shooting to jump and try to block the shot. This can present problems since there may be times that you would want to shoot the ball without jumping or attempt to steal the ball rather than blocking. The only advantage to using one action key over multiple keys for multiple actions is that "keyboard ghosting", multiple simultaneous keystrokes not registering, is less-likely to occur in two-player games.

Toon Hoops is not a perfect basketball game, but it can provide fun, particularly for younger players or fans of Cartoon Cartoons. Play against the computer or challenge a buddy In this entertaining sports game!