Thrash N' Burn Skateboarding

Thrash N' Burn Skateboarding Instructions

Thrash N' Burn Skateboarding is controlled by using the keyboard. The left and right arrow keys steer in the respective direction. The down arrow key is used to brake. Press and hold the spacebar to crouch and increase speed; release the spacebar to jump. Press the C key and an arrow key to perform tricks. Press and hold the B key and an arrow key to perform grab tricks.


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Thrash N' Burn Skateboarding Walkthrough

Typically, skating isn't allowed indoors, but with Thrash N' Burn Skateboarding you can break this rule and stick it to the man. This skateboard game features awesome 3D graphics, simple controls, two modes of gameplay, and five customizable skaters.

The two gameplay modes available in Thrash N' Burn Skateboarding are "Freestylin'" and "Trick Time". "Freestylin'" Mode allows you to practice the controls of this sports game. I advise newcomers to start with this gameplay mode I order to get a feel for how the game is played. The second gameplay mode in this skating game is "Trick Time" Mode. In this mode of gameplay, the objective is to score as many points as possible before the two-minute time limit runs out. There are no penalties for crashing or wiping out, but if you crash before landing a trick you will not earn any points for that trick.

Thrash N' Burn Skateboarding uses a simple keyboard control scheme. Your skater automatically skates forward unless you old the down arrow key to brake. The left and right arrow keys are used to steer your skater left and right respectively. Hold the spacebar to crouch and move faster; releasing the spacebar makes your skater jump. Press the C key in conjunction with an arrow key to perform tricks, or hold the B key with an arrow key to perform grab tricks. A full list of this sports game's tricks and their key combinations is available under the instructions menu.

Thrash N' Burn Skateboarding is a superb skating game, but there are a few issues with its gameplay. The first issue is a minor one, but may still upset some players: variety. There are multiple skaters and skateboards to choose from, but they do not have any special attributes of their own and they all perform the same. Being able to customize the aesthetics of your skater is nice, but it would be better if they had their own abilities or attributes. The second issue with this skating game is its buggy engine. It is possible to get stuck inside of the walls, especially after crashing. If this happens, the only way to remedy the issue is to restart your game. Unfortunately, this issue seems to occur quite often as it happened to me in three out of ten games.

Thrash N' Burn Skateboarding is no Tony Hawk, but it will satisfy your skateboard craving. This sports game runs smoothly even on lower-end systems, but it can be buggy at times. Despite its flaws Thrash N' Burn Skateboarding gets a solid seven out of ten.