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Tennis Game is controlled by using the keyboard. The arrow keys move your player and the spacebar is used to swing your racket.


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Tennis Game is a straightforward Flash tennis game as its name implies. Tennis Game features crisp graphics, simple controls, and two modes of gameplay.

Tennis Game features an Exhibition Mode as well as a Tournament Mode. Exhibition mode is a single singles match against a computer-controlled opponent. You are allowed to change the statistics of the computer-controlled player as well as your player before the match. If you are new to this tennis game, I advise you to play an exhibition game with all of the computer's statistics lowered to 1, and all of your statistics maxed out at 10. This may seem cheap, but you will see that Tennis Game will still be an intense challenge!

In Tournament Mode, you must play a tournament of four rounds against computer-controlled opponents. At the start of the tournament, you will have to select a player. Different players have their own attributes which can be viewed by hovering your mouse over each player's name. Speed is important in this tennis game, so I advise you to select a player that has a high footwork stat. If you win a match, then you will advance to the next round in the tournament, but if you lose, then the tournament is over for you. There are no continues or save games in Tennis Game, so be sure to play your hardest to stay in the running!

Tennis game is simple to control. Move your player by using the arrow keys, and swing your racket by pressing the spacebar. When you contact the ball, pressing an arrow key will help to determine the direction the the ball will travel in along with your player's position relative to the ball. You can press two keys at once to hit the ball diagonally, for example, pressing the up arrow key along with the right arrow key when swinging your racket will hit the ball towards the back-right corner of your opponent's side of the court. Just be sure not to hit the ball too far, or you'll hit it out of bounds and your opponent will score!

If you like tennis games with lots of thrills but no frills, then Tennis Game is perfect for you. There are no powerups, upgrades, or special moves to worry about in this sports game. It's pure fundamentals in Tennis Game!