Tennis Champions

Tennis Champions Instructions

Tennis Champions is controlled by using the mouse. When serving, click the mouse once to throw the ball, and click the ball again to serve it. When volleying, simply move your player towards the ball by using the mouse.


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Tennis Champions Walkthrough

Tennis Champions is a sports game that puts you in the role of a contender in a singles tennis tournament. This tennis game features simple controls, catchy music, and challenging gameplay.

The goal of Tennis Champions is to win the tournament. You must play and win three matches to win the tournament. If you are familiar with the rules of tennis, then the rules of this tennis game should not be too difficult to understand. Each match in Tennis Champions is determined by the best of two sets. A set is won by the player that wins four volleys first with a two-point lead over their opponent. Players alternate being the server in each set. If you win a match, you go on to the next round of the tournament, but if you lose a match, then the game is over.

Tennis Champions is a tennis game that is simple to control. To serve, click to throw the ball into the air, then click again to serve to your opponent. When volleying, move your mouse cursor and your player will run towards it. If your player can hit the ball, he will do so automatically. The direction of your shot depends on the position of the ball when you hit it. To hit a straight shot, try to be lined up horizontally with the ball. If you want to hit a shot to the side, try to be on the opposite side of the direction that you want the ball to go in when you hit it.

When volleying in Tennis Champions, try not to end up too far away from the center of the court, since you never know where your opponent will try to hit the ball. Try to hit the ball towards the corners of your opponents court to maximize your chance of scoring, but don't hit it too far or it will go out of bounds, and your opponent will win the volley. Remember that you are playing singles matches in this tennis game, so hitting the ball into the alleys (the margins on the side of the court) counts as out of bounds.

Tennis Champions is a tennis game that is down to earth and relatively realistic to the sport. Capture the glory of Wimbledon from the comfort of your own home or office in Tennis Champions!