Table Top Football

Table Top Football Instructions

Table Top Football is controlled by using the keyboard. Player one uses the left and right arrow keys to turn, the up and down arrow keys to zoom in and out, and the K key to kick. Player two uses the A and D keys to turn, the W and X keys to zoom in and out, and the S key to kick.


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Table Top Football Walkthrough

Table Top Football is a turn-based Shockwave soccer game. This sports game features three-dimensional graphics, three levels of difficulty, and two-player mode that allows you to play against a friend!

Before taking to the field in Table Top Football, you will be presented with a configuration screen. From this screen, you can choose whether you want to play against the computer or a human opponent, the time limit of the match, the difficulty level (only applicable when playing a one-player game), and the graphical detail level. From easiest-to-hardest, the levels of difficulty are "Sunday League", "2nd Division", and "Euro 2004". the default difficulty level is "Sunday League", and I advise newcomers to this sports game to stick to this easiest level of difficulty.

Once you have setup the match parameters, you will take to the field. A soccer ball will be dropped in the center of the field, and the nearest player will be moved to the ball in order to kick it. The nearest player to where the ball lands after the kick will be moved to the ball and given a chance to kick. This style of gameplay makes puts Table Top Football in the class of turn-based games, although it is possible for one team to hog possession of the ball and prevent the other player from getting a turn. The team with the most points at the end of the time limit (or the first team to score five goals if "First to Five" was selected on the configuration screen) wins the match.

The keys to success in Table Top Football are precision and timing in both passing and shooting. After you have pressed the kick key, a power bar will appear on the screen. Press the kick key to stop this meter and set the power of your shot. Press the kick key again to stop the curvature indicator and set the "bend" of your kick. Press the kick key a third time to set the lift of your kick and kick the ball. Precise timing is especially important when passing the ball to make sure that it lands close to one of your players. It may not be seen as sporting, but it is best for your team to hog the ball; if you are not precise with your passes, however, you will lose possession! When shooting, it is best to shoot from a position as close to the goal as possible (another reason why passing is important in this sports game). Try to bend the ball into the goal to fool the goalkeeper as a straight shot is easy to deflect.

Table Top Football is a fun soccer game that can be played alone or shared with a friend. Table Top Football may be a disappointment for gamers that prefer fast-paced, real-time gameplay (or gridiron football to soccer), but gamers that don't mind strategic, turn-based gameplay will appreciate this sports game!