Superstar Golf

Superstar Golf Instructions

Superstar Golf is controlled by using the keyboard. Press and hold the spacebar to power your stroke; release when you have the desired power. Press the spacebar once again to stop the direction meter. Finally, You may aim your shot by using the left and right arrow keys.


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Superstar Golf Walkthrough

Superstar Golf is a fun golf game appropriate for players of all ages. This sports game features cute cartoon graphics, five characters to choose from, a full bag of fourteen clubs to use, and nine challenging holes!

When you first begin Superstar Golf, you are given a choice of five characters, each with their own power and accuracy ratings. For beginners, I advise choosing The Brit due to his balanced power and accuracy statistics. Once you have chosen your character, you will be ready to tee off in this golf game!

The rules of Superstar Golf are similar to those of real golf. Your objective is to get the ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible. If you hit the ball out of bounds, you will be penalized one stroke and have to take your shot over again. If the ball ends up in the water, you will be penalized one stroke and have to take a hazard drop behind the water. You are not in competition against the computer in this golf game, so there is no explicit way to win or lose, but you should try to finish each hole in as few strokes as possible.

Superstar Golf is played from tee to green, and you have a full bag of fourteen clubs at your disposal. You will need to know when to use each club if you want to excel at this golf game. Woods are good to use from the tee box or long-range shots from the fairway, but do not have the loft to make it out of the rough. Irons are great all-purpose clubs. The higher the number of the iron, the greater its loft, but the shorter its maximum distance. Wedges are great for short shots to the green or getting out of sand traps. Finally, the putter is optimal for putting on the green. To select a club, simply click on it from the list of clubs below your player.

As a golfer, I have few complaints about Superstar Golf. As a gamer, my only complaint would be that while the controls are simple in theory, they are a bit difficult to get used to. This can be overcome with practice, however. Overall, Superstar Golf is a solid golf game, and I suggest it for gamers that want a tee-to-green golf game experience.