Super Bowl Defender

Super Bowl Defender Instructions

Super Bowl Defender is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the arrow keys (or WASD keys) to move your player. The spacebar (or Z key) is used to tackle.


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Super Bowl Defender Walkthrough

Super Bowl Defender is a football game that puts you in the cleats of a defender for a change. This football game features great graphics, various upgrades, and bone-crunching gameplay.

The objective of Super Bowl Defender is to tackle your opponents before they reach the end zone. You start this football game with seven attempts. If you fail to stop your opponents seven times, then the game is over for you!

Super Bowl Defender starts out simple, with you pitted against only one running back. As you progress, however, this football game will become much more challenging. Some levels pit you against multiple running backs, faster running backs, and even a Porsche! You will have to be quick on your feet if you want to stop the opposition.

Super Bowl Defender also features multiple upgrades that can be bought between levels with the credits that you earn from tackling opponents. On levels that pit you against multiple running backs, I advise you to buy the SharkPie energy drink. This drink gives you a major boost in speed, agility, and acceleration, but is only effective for one run, so you will have to buy it again before each attempt.

When you get the chance, I also advise buying the middle pair of shoes. This upgrade offers the most balanced statistics, and cost twenty-five credits. These shoes will give you the edge that you need to run down your opponents in this football game.

Super Bowl Defender also has a bug that can be exploited by less scrupulous players. On levels that pit you against multiple opponents, allowing all but one opponent to reach the end zone, then tackling the last opponent before they reach the end zone will allow you to progress to the next level. You will take a penalty to your score and credits, but you will be able to progress to the next stage. I advise you not to use this exploit unless you become absolutely frustrated though, because it will take all of the challenge out of this football game!

Super Bowl Defender is a football game that is sure to offer a challenge. If you like bone-crunching tackles and smearing your opponents into the field, then you will have a blast playing Super Bowl Defender.