Strike Zone

Strike Zone Instructions

Click low on the ball with the left mouse button to begin your shot. Drag up while holding down the left mouse button to aim your shot and build power. Release left mouse button to take your shot.


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Strike Zone Walkthrough

Strike Zone is an addictive, unique and engrossing bowling game that offers a simple and easy to understand premise but truly challenging execution. Your goal is simply to knock down as many pins as you can in each of the game's ten frames. The ideal - a strike in every frame, but that is much, much harder to accomplish than one may think. The game fools you with the simple presentation. At the bottom of the screen you have your hand holding your bowling ball. At the top of the screen you have your pins. You need to get the angle just right on the ball and use just the right amoount of force to get the ball down the lane or you risk either winding up with a gutter ball or not taking down the number of pins you hope to take down.

Control is important in Strike Zone. If you can't control your ball, you're not going to do very well in this game at all. Getting used to shooting the ball in this game, however, is going to take a little getting used to, even for experienced bowling game players. The reason for this is simple. There just aren't many other sports games online, bowling games or otherwise, that challenge you to control the ball the way this game does. Everything is all about clicking and dragging. Start by clicking low on the game screen. This readies your shot. To aim, you'll drag the mouse up. You need to be accurate with your aim which is much easier said than done. If you're off even a little bit you're going to miss your mark. That's never good in a sports game; especially a bowling game. If you want a good score, you need to try to get rid of all of the pins.

Strikes are entirely possible in Strike Zone, but they likely won't come along until you've given yourself a little time to get used to the controls of the game. As simple as those controls are, they're quite difficult. It's really a matter of mouse control. If you have experience with games that require good control of the mouse (not just bowling games, but shooting games or other sports games as well) you might not have much trouble getting the hang of this one. Someone who isn't really good with mouse control is really going to struggle in the beginning, though. Take your time and be patient. You will get the hang of it eventually. It might take a little practice, but stick with it. That control will come with experience.

Strike Zone is a pretty simple bowling game with great graphics and a high level of difficulty despite its simplicity. Newcomers are definitely going to have a hard time with this one but patience is king. You need to get a good, straight shot at those pins if you want to get a strike. You need to hit them perfectly. You can. It will just take a while to master the skill. That's what makes the game so addictive and so engrossing. This game proves that complicated controls, tons of goals and achievements, or flashy, over the top graphics aren't necessary to make a bowling game interesting. Sometimes all it takes is a little twist on the classic format. With enough time spent playing to get your experience built up, anyone will be able to master this game. Just don't give up. It's challenging but it's a great game and well worth checking out.