Stick Basketball

Stick Basketball Instructions

Stick Basketball is controlled by using the keyboard. The arrow keys are used to move your player. While on offense, the A key is used to dodge, the S key is used to shoot, the D key is used to dunk, and the F key is used to pass. While on defense, the A key is used to steal and the S key is used to block.


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Stick Basketball Walkthrough

Do you like basketball? If so, then Stick Basketball is a basketball game that is just for you! This sports game features stick figure graphics, various powerups, and fun-filled gameplay.

Stick Basketball contains three game modes: "21", "Single Game", and "Playoffs Game". The first mode, "21", puts you in a one-on-one game against the computer played on a half-court. Your objective in this mode of the basketball game is to score twenty-one points before your opponents does. Your opponent gets to take the ball in first, and the person that doesn't score takes the ball in after each basket.

The second mode of Stick Basketball is "Single Game" mode that puts you on a team of two players. The objective of this mode of the basketball game is to score as many points as possible before the game ends. The game is divided into two two-minute halves. After each half, the teams switch sides of the court and must shoot baskets into the other goal.

The final mode of Stick Basketball is "Playoffs Game" mode. This mode is played similar to "Single Game" mode, but instead of only playing one exhibition game, you must select your team, beat the other teams in your division in a round-robin tournament, and finally face the champions of the other division to win the tournament.

Stick Basketball is challenging at first, but it will become easier with practice. In the one-on-one "21" mode, it is important to block the AI-controlled player as soon as possible to steal the ball. Since your opponent begins with the ball, this puts him at a major advantage. You will have to steal the ball and block his shots if you want to win in this mode of the basketball game!

"Single Player" and "Playoffs Game" modes are a bit easier to beat due to the fact that you have an AI-controlled partner that can help you on defense. On offense, you will always control the player that is in possession of the ball. Passing the ball is very important in this basketball game, but be sure not to pass if there is an opponent between you and your teammate!

In all modes of this basketball game, it is best to make your shots from within the three-point line. When making shots within this region of the court, you will rarely miss. If you are able to make a shot beyond the three-point line, you will be rewarded with three points rather than two, but your chances of making a basket are very slim, unless you have collected the flaming powerup.

Stick Basketball is a delightful basketball game that is easy to pickup. This basketball game offers challenging and fun gameplay, and is sure to cure your basketball cravings!