Spongebob: Slammin' Sluggers

Spongebob: Slammin' Sluggers Instructions

Spongebob: Slammin' Sluggers is controlled by using the mouse. Choose your ball or bat, then use the mouse to determine the power and effect or precision of your pitch or swing. Click once to stop the power meter, then click again to stop the effect or precision meter.


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Spongebob: Slammin' Sluggers Walkthrough

Spongebob: Slammin' Sluggers is a baseball game based on Nickelodeon's famous cartoon, Spongebob Squarepants. Spongebob: Slammin' Sluggers features characters from the TV show, simple controls, and great graphics.

The objective of Spongebob: Slammin' Sluggers is to lead Team Bikini to victory against the visiting Team Anchovy. Each inning lasts only one out, and every hit is a homer in this baseball game. The team with the most runs at the end of nine innings wins.

Spongebob: Slammin' Sluggers is simple to control. You do not have to worry about aiming when batting, and the only field position that you must play is pitcher. This baseball game is controlled by clicking at the right time. In the bottom-right of the game's interface, you will notice two meters. The first spiraling meter is the power meter. You will want to stop this meter when it is close to being full. The second meter is the effect or precision meter (when pitching and batting respectively). Try to stop this meter when it is close to the center, green zone. If you manage to stop the meters at the right time, you can easily strike out your opponents or continuously hit home runs!

Spongebob: Slammin' Sluggers also features two special balls for pitching and two special bats. Before each pitch or batting attempt, you are allowed to choose between using the normal item or one of the special items. Using special items ensures a strike if you are pitching, and a home run if you are batting. You only get two of each of these special items for the entire game, however, so use them wisely. It is quite possible to beat this baseball game without using any of the special items, however.

Spongebob: Slammin' Sluggers is an entertaining baseball game, but it may be too easy for older players. I found myself intentionally striking out just to finish the game. Spongebob: Slammin' Sluggers is the perfect baseball game for younger players or fans of Spongebob, however.