Snowboarder XS

Snowboarder XS Instructions

Snowboarder XS is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the arrow keys to move. Press the X key in conjunction with arrow keys to perform tricks.


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Snowboarder XS Walkthrough

Summer is here. This means that if you do not want to head up north or travel overseas, you probably won't have many outlets for snowboarding. Well, you're in luck. Snowboarder XS is a snowboarding game where you can hit the slopes no matter hot hot it is outside! (If you are reading this during the winter, then you can go out and do the real thing, but why risk life and limb when you can let a virtual avatar do it instead?).

The goal of Snowboarder XS is to navigate the slopes and perform tricks to rack up as many points as possible. You begin the game with five lives. Each time that you crash or wipe out, one life is lost. When all lives are lost or you reach the end of the course, the game ends. It should be noted that this version of the sports game is a demo version, so only one course and one character are available, but we are sure that you will still enjoy this game despite these limitations.

The keyboard is used to control Snowboarder XS. The left and right arrow keys turn your snowboarder, while the up and down arrow keys move forward and slow down respectively. While airborne, press and hold the X key in conjunction with arrow keys to perform tricks and earn bonus points. Press the combination of keys that is displayed on the screen to properly perform tricks; pressing any other combination will most-likely result in a wipe out.

If this is your first time playing Snowboarder XS, I advise you to concentrate on navigating the slopes before you attempt to perform tricks. Tricks are well, tricky in this extreme sports game. If you hold the X key for too long, you will not be able to regain balance and you will wipe out upon impact with the ground. Speed is also important when performing stunts. Taller ramps should be approached at high speed, while lower ramps should be approached at medium to low speeds. Even when doing everything right, there is still a chance of wiping out, so be careful!

This version of Snowboarder XS may be a demo, but it can still provide chills and thrills. Whether you are an avid snowboarder or a gamer who has never hit the slopes, this sports game will be an enjoyable wild ride!