Running Back Attack

Running Back Attack Instructions

Running Back Attack is controlled by using the mouse. Move your mouse to control your running back. Score extra points by using the mouse to aim and clicking to kick.


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Running Back Attack Walkthrough

Running Back Attack puts you on the field in the cleats of a running back. This football game features well-drawn cartoon graphics, simple controls, and addicting gameplay!

The objective of Running Back Attack is to score a touchdown before the timer in the lower-right corner reaches zero. You must also avoid the incoming defensive linemen that are trying to stop you from scoring a touchdown. If you run into one of the linemen, you will be stopped for a split second; running into too many linemen may cost you your end zone glory in this football game!

Running Back Attack features eight levels. Each consecutive level of this football game will throw more and more defenders at you, increasing the challenge. You are given three chances in this football game, indicated by the three stars in the upper-left corner of the game's screen. If you fail to score a touchdown by the time the clock reaches zero, you will lose a life and be forced to start the level from its beginning.

If you manage to score a touchdown in Running Back Attack, you are given the chance to score an extra point by kicking the ball through the goal post. If you successfully make the field goal, you will earn bonus points, but there is no penalty for failing. You have to at least make the attempt though, because if you let the clock run down without trying at all you will lose a life and be forced to start the previous level from its beginning.

Running Back Attack is simply to control. Moving the mouse horizontally sets the horizontal position of your running back. This is useful for dodging your opponents that are trying to stop you. Moving the mouse vertically in this football game controls the speed of your running back. Moving the mouse towards the bottom of the screen will slow him down, while moving the mouse forward speed him up. This speed difference is slight, but may determine if you make the distance in time! I advise keeping the mouse towards the vertical center of the screen while dodging linemen, but placing it towards the top of the screen when your way is clear.

Running Back Attack is a challenging and addicting football game. The only thing missing from Running Back Attack is the end zone dance when you score! Are you a football hero? Prove it in Running Back Attack!