Rule the Beach Volleyball

Rule the Beach Volleyball Instructions

Rule the Beach Volleyball is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Move the mouse to move your player. The Z key is used to serve and to spike the ball. The X key is used to bump the ball to your teammate.


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Rule the Beach Volleyball Walkthrough

Up for a game of beach volleyball, but ashamed of your physique? If so, I have two suggestions: start working out for next year, and play Rule the Beach Volleyball in the meantime. Rule the Beach Volleyball is a Shockwave volleyball game features 3D graphics, high-paced action, and three levels of difficulty.

Rule the Beach Volleyball places you in a two-on-two game of volleyball. You control one member of the red team, and the computer controls your teammate and the opposing white team. The goal is to score twenty-one points before the opposing team does. There is no time limit in this sports game; the team that reaches twenty-one points while having a at least a two-point lead over their opponents wins the match, regardless of how long it takes. Points are earned by the ball landing in the opponent's side of the court, the opposing team hitting the ball out-of-bounds, the opposing team hitting the ball more than three times in a row, and the opposing team failing to hit the ball over the net. Of course, if any of these things happen to you, the opposing team will score a point.

Rule the Beach Volleyball uses a combination of mouse and keyboard controls. Your player follows the mouse cursor. Move your mouse and your player will move towards the cursor. It takes time for your player to move long distances, so it is important to position your player where the ball will be before it gets there (indicated by a white circle in the sand). When serving, use the mouse to aim, then pressing a hold the Z key to set the power of your serve. Release the Z key to serve the ball. When volleying, the Z and X keys are used to attempt to spike the ball over the net and to bump the ball to your teammate respectively. Press and hold the key while moving your mouse to aim, then release the key to perform the action. This control scheme works, but it makes it difficult for laptop users to control the game. In my opinion, a keyboard-only control scheme would have been far more efficient in this sports game, but unfortunately, there is no way to change the controls.

Rule the Beach Volleyball is a pretty tough volleyball game, especially when you are getting used to the controls. When volleying, all actions must begin ahead of time. For example, once you see a white circle in the sand, move your character to that position, then hold the X key to bump the ball to your teammate, or the Z key to spike it over the net. If you press the key when the ball gets to you, it will be too late and your opponents will score. If the game is still too difficult after you have become accustomed to the controls, you may want to reduce the difficulty level on the main menu.

Rule the Beach Volleyball is a challenging and entertaining sports game that lets you play beach volleyball year-round! The only downfall to this sports game is that laptop users may find it especially difficult to control.