Retro Electro Football

Retro Electro Football Instructions

Retro Electro Football is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface and to select plays. Click and drag players before plays to position them. When passing, move the mouse to aim your pass, and click to throw.


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Retro Electro Football Walkthrough

Retro Electro Football is a football game sponsored by Coca-Cola. This football game is reminiscent of the electric football games often found in sports bars and features detailed graphics, appropriate sound effects, and addicting gameplay.

Retro Electro Football is a football game that plays very similar to the real sport of American football. If you are familiar with the rules of American football, you will be right at home playing Retro Electro Football. If not, I will list some of the important aspects below.

Your objective in this football game is to score the most points at the end of four quarters. Each quarter lasts for forty-five seconds. At the end of each quarter, the teams switch sides of the field, and at the beginning of the third quarter, the team that originally received the ball at the beginning of the game will kickoff.

Like the real game of American football, each team is given four downs to carry the ball ten yards forward from the start of possession. If the team fails to carry the ball to the first down (marked as a yellow on the field), then they may choose to punt to the other team or attempt a field goal on the fourth down. If the team chooses, they may also attempt to gain the remaining yards, but failing to do this would put the other team in possession of the ball where the first team left off. If a team succeeds in carrying the ball for ten yards, then they are given another four downs to proceed.

Teams score touchdowns by running or passing the ball into the end zone. Touchdowns are worth six points. In this football game, teams are also allowed to attempt field goals, which are worth three points. After scoring a touchdown, teams are given the opportunity to score a one-point or two-point conversion. In this case, choosing field goal from the list of plays will attempt a one-point conversion, while choosing any other play will count as an attempt for a two-point conversion.

When you are playing on offense in this football game, you may run the ball or pass the ball. I advise you to pass the ball in most cases since you will typically be able to get more distance. Passing will take practice, however. In order to pass, you must move your mouse to the position that you wish to throw the ball, and click to throw it. Remember to aim for where your receiver will be, not their current position. Be careful when passing in this football game, because your opponents may also intercept the ball and take it in their possession!

Running plays are useful for small gains in Retro Electro Football. I advise you to avoid running the ball, because you will not have any control over the play besides the initial positioning of players before the play begins. Running is not useful in most cases if you want to gain more than two or three yards, but if you are very close to a first down and simply want to convert, running may be useful.

Defending in Retro Electro Football is quite a difficult feat. Like running, you may only choose a play and position your players, but you have no control over them once the play begins. I have found that the 4-3 Blitz play is a great defensive formation, but it really comes down to luck.

Since defending in Retro Electro Football is dependent more upon luck than skill, you will need to have a strong offense if you want to master this football game. For this reason, as I've previously stated, it is good to learn how to pass. Keep practicing and you will eventually get the hang of it. You may also find this useful to attempt two-point conversions, which are riskier than one-point conversions, but may give you a slight advantage over the computer.

Retro Electro Football is a challenging and in-depth football game that can be played from the comfort of your own home or office. If you are a fan of the gridiron, then this football game is just for you!