Rebounce Instructions

Rebounce is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Click and drag the mouse to aim your shot. Release to shoot the ball. Press the spacebar to get the ball back. The M key returns to the main menu and the S key toggles sound.


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Rebounce Walkthrough

Rebounce is a simple basketball game where the focus is on shooting hoops. Rebounce features simple but effective graphics, a jazzy soundtrack, and straightforward gameplay.

The objective of Rebounce is to score as many points as possible by shooting hoops. You can play a sixty-second timed game by selecting "Minute Round" in the main menu, or play an unlimited practice game by selecting "Open Court". If you want your score to be counted in this basketball game, however, you will have to play a timed game.

Rebounce uses a simply control scheme to control your shots. Click and drag to aim and power your shot. An arrow will appear from the ball when you are aiming a shot to indicate the power and direction that the ball will travel in after the mouse button is released. After shooting the ball, press the spacebar to retrieve it and prepare for the next shot. If you need to end the game prematurely, press the M key to return to the main menu. Pressing the M key is the only way to end the Open Court mode of this basketball game. Personally, I enjoyed the music, but if you want to mute it you may turn it on and off by pressing the S key.

Rebounce is a basketball game since it involves shooting a ball through a hoop, but it may also be classified as a physics game. There are no teammates to pass to and no defenders to evade; you will simply have to apply the right angle and amount of power to sink baskets. You will also have to acknowledge the force of gravity in this sports game if you want to succeed. Unlike the actual sport of basketball, this physics game also allows you to score points by causing the ball to bounce through the hoop multiple times or by shooting baskets from underneath the hoop. Experiment with various methods of shooting hoops to earn bonuses and increase your score!

Rebounce is a fun and simple sports game that is great for passing the time. Rebounce may not cure the jones of a hardcore basketball fan, but it is great for quick entertainment nonetheless!