Quick Shots

Quick Shots Instructions

Quick Shots is controlled by using the mouse. Click and drag the basketball to your desired position. Release the mouse button to shoot.


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Quick Shots Walkthrough

Quick Shots is a simple basketball game reminiscent of the basketball games at Chuck E. Cheese. Unlike the games at Chuck E. Cheese's, this game does not reward you with tickets, nor do you get pizza after you play, but at least you can play for free without paying any tokens. This sports game features simple controls and challenging gameplay.

The objective of Quick Shots is to score ten points within thirty seconds. As is the case in actual basketball, each scored basket earns you two points. If you manage to score ten points or more, then you will proceed to the next round. If you fail to score the necessary points, however, you will be forced to start the game from the very beginning.

The first round of this basketball game is very easy and gives you a chance to practice the controls. Simply click and drag the basketball to the horizontal position from which you want to make your shot. Once you have the ball in the desired position, release the mouse button to make your shot. You do not have to worry about shot power, angle, or vertical positioning of the basketball.

After the first round, the difficulty of Quick Shots really ramps up! The basket begins to move horizontally beginning in the second round of this basketball game. After each subsequent round, the basket will move faster and faster, making it more and more difficult to score baskets. In order to overcome this, aim your shot where the basket will be rather than where the basket is currently located. Leading your target is vital of you want to sink hoops in this basketball game!

Quick Shots is a very challenging basketball game. If you want a quick, casual basketball game that won't take the entire day to learn, and will provide fast entertainment, then Quick Shots is just the game for you!