Quarterback Carnage

Quarterback Carnage Instructions

Quarterback Carnage is controlled by using the mouse. Move your mouse to aim your throw. Click the mouse button to throw the ball.


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Quarterback Carnage Walkthrough

Quarterback Carnage is a game that mixes the fine American sport of football with the turret defense game genre. This football game features smooth graphics, simple controls, and action-packed gameplay.

Quarterback Carnage features two game modes: Normal and Unlimited. In Normal mode, you must survive the onslaught for four quarters. The first quarter is thirty seconds long, and each successive quarter will be fifteen seconds longer. If your quarterback is sacked three times in one quarter, then you will lose the game. As you progress through each quarter in Normal mode, the opposing team will become faster and more numerous.

The Unlimited mode of this football game only gives you one chance to be sacked. This mode will go on indefinitely until you are eventually sacked. The longer you survive, the faster and more numerous your opponents will become.

Occasionally, a wide receiver on your team will appear on the field. If you pass the ball to him, you will be rewarded with bonus points. Wide receivers are stationary, so there will be no need to worry about leading your target. If you want to score big points in this football game, you should throw a pass to wide receivers whenever you get the chance, but remember that self-preservation comes first!

If you are able to knock down ten consecutive enemies, you will be rewarded with a screen of offensive linemen on one of your four sides. These offensive linemen are effectively a shield, and will block three opposing players trying to blitz you, allowing you to concentrate your efforts on your remaining three sides.

Quarterback Carnage is a very challenging game, but it can be beaten. Your quarterback stands in the center of the football field, and the opposing team members will rush directly at him. You do not have to lead your target, so throw the ball directly at your enemies to knock them out. Always aim for the closest enemies to knock them down before they tackle you! Finally, you may use automatic "fire" in this football game by holding down the left mouse button.

Quarterback Carnage is an outstanding game for players that want a turret defense game with an all-American twist. Do you have what it takes to stop the blitz? Find out in Quarterback Carnage!