Power Pong

Power Pong Instructions

Power Pong is controlled by the keyboard and the mouse. Move your paddle by moving your mouse. Hold the left mouse button to change the power of your shots. Roll the mouse wheel up and down to change the type of shot (you may alternatively use the A and Z keys on your keyboard).


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Power Pong Walkthrough

Power Pong is an addicting and challenging Flash game. Despite its name, this is a ping pong game, not to be confused with the classic game of Pong. This table tennis game features first-person graphics, appropriate sound effects, and challenging gameplay.

The objective of Power Pong is to score eleven points against your opponent before they score eleven points against you. A player scores when their opponent hits to ball into the net or out of bounds (off of the table), or if the ball bounces once on the opponent's side of the table and the opponent fails to hit it back before it bounces a second time or goes off of the table.

Power Pong has unique controls that allow you to set the power of your shot as well as the way you wish to hit the ball when you make contact with it. To control the position of the paddle in this table tennis game, simply move your mouse. The power of your shot is indicated by the bar in the lower-left corner of the screen. The longer you hold down the mouse button the more this bar will fill. Clicking the mouse button again will restart the bar from empty. I advise you to keep the bar between one-fourth to one-third of the way full. If you apply too little power, your shot will most likely enter the net, but if you apply too much power, you will hit the ball completely over the table.

To select the type of shot that you use in Power Pong, use your mouse wheel or the A and Z keys. The type of shot that you use is indicated at the bottom of the screen. The normal type of shot is good enough for starters, but if you want to pt some spin on the ball, choose the top spin shot. The top spin shot makes it harder for your opponent to hit the ball in time, but without enough power it's easy to hit the ball into your own net. Experiment with different shot types and power settings to find out what works for you in this table tennis game.

Power Pong is entertaining, but is an extremely challenging sports game. You will most likely be frustrated at first, but if you keep practicing you will eventually get the hang of it, and you will become addicted to Power Pong!