Pipe Down

Pipe Down Instructions

Pipe Down is controlled by using the mouse. Click on pipe segments to select them. Click on the green arrows adjacent to segments of pipe to move them. Click on the "Drop Ball" button to drop the ball. Click and drag on empty parts of the screen to rotate the camera view.


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Pipe Down Walkthrough

Pipe Down is a puzzle game with three-dimensional graphic, simple mouse controls, and gameplay that will exercise and challenge your mind. This version of Pipe Down is only a demo, so some options and gameplay modes are omitted, but it is still enjoyable.

The goal of Pipe Down is to arrange segments of pipe to guide the ball from the top of the stage into the crate at the bottom. To arrange pipe segments, first select one by clicking on it. After you have selected a segment of pipe, green arrows will appear adjacent to it. Click on these arrows to move the segment in the respective direction. Once you have arranged the pipes to your liking, click on the button labeled "Drop Ball" to drop the ball. If the ball falls into the container, you will win the level and advance to the next; if it does not, you will have to retry the level in order to advance. Since this version of the puzzle game is a demo, you will not be able to save your progress and will have to start from the beginning each time that you play.

In order to succeed in Pipe Down, you will have to first note the positions of the pipe segments in 3D space. Then, you will have to formulate a path and arrange the pipe segments to fit this path. These skills fall under the cognitive ability of visual-spatial processing. If you are having trouble visualizing the three-dimensional space, it may help to rotate the camera view by clicking and dragging around and empty space on the stage. If you are still having a hard time figuring out a solution, you can click the hint button in the lower-right of the screen. You are only given three hints per level in this puzzle game, so it is best not to rely on them.

Pipe Down is a brain game that is easy to control, but challenging to master, making it perfect for casual gamers and puzzle game fans alike. If you love puzzle games, then don't let this opportunity go down the drain; play Pipe Down today!