Pinch Hitter 2

Pinch Hitter 2 Instructions

Pinch Hitter 2 is controlled by using the mouse. Move your mouse to aim your bat. Click the left mouse button to swing.


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Pinch Hitter 2 Walkthrough

Pinch Hitter 2 is the sequel to the baseball game, Pinch Hitter and is also presented by Mousebreaker. Pinch Hitter 2 features the same controls, graphics, and general gameplay of its predecessor, but allows you to customize your player's uniform and features eleven stages rather than a single stage.

The objective of Pinch Hitter 2 is to complete the given task. Tasks include hitting a number of home runs, hitting all ten balls without striking out, or hitting all pitches without a member of the opposing team catching the ball. When you succeed in a task, you will unlock the next stage of this baseball game. If a task is failed, however, you will have to attempt it again. You have an unlimited number of retries on each level and your progress is automatically saved, so you may continue your game if you need a break.

If you are familiar with the controls of the first Pinch Hitter, then there is nothing new to learn since the controls in Pinch Hitter 2 are the same. Control your batter by moving the mouse. A translucent silhouette indicates the position that your bat will be in when you swing. To swing the bat, simply click the ball. If you want to hit a fly ball or home run, it is best to hit the ball with the fat part of the bat and get slightly under the ball. To hit a line drive, hit the ball on its top. Your chance of contacting the ball are increased in this baseball game if you swing when the ball is over the home plate.

If you want to score big points in this baseball game, you can use the same techniques that were used in its predecessor. Score-multiplying powerups are back, so try to collect them by hitting the ball towards them if you can. Remember that your objective is to accomplish task in Pinch Hitter 2, however, unlike the first Pinch Hitter where the objective was simply to get a high score.

Pinch Hitter 2 captures the charm and basic gameplay of its predecessor while being a more linearly-structured baseball game. If you have played the first Pinch Hitter and are ready to get out of the sandlot, then the major leagues await in Pinch Hitter 2!