Pinch Hitter

Pinch Hitter Instructions

Pinch Hitter is controlled by using the mouse. Move your mouse to aim your bat. Click the left mouse button to swing.


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Pinch Hitter Walkthrough

Did you ever play baseball in sandlots when you were a kid? If so, then Pinch Hitter is a baseball game in which you can relive part of your childhood. Pinch Hitter features cartoon graphics, funny sound effects, and addicting gameplay!

The objective of Pinch Hitter is to score as many points as you can by hitting the balls that are pitched to you. Ten balls will be pitched to you in this baseball game, and you can earn an extra ball by hitting a home run. If you miss three pitches, you will strike out. If you hit the ball and it is caught be one of the outfielders before touching the ground, you will also be out. Each time one of your batters gets out, your score if reduced by half. If you become out three times, the game will be over you you.

In Pinch Hitter, you do not have to worry about playing the field, pitching, or running; this baseball game focuses on batting only. In order to bat, use the mouse to position your swing. A translucent silhouette indicates the position that your bat will be in when you swing. To swing your bat in this baseball game simply click your left mouse button. Try to swing when the ball is over the plate to maximize your chance of contact.

In order to score big points in Pinch Hitter, you will have to know how to position the ball. Swinging a bit early will make the ball go to your left, while swinging a bit late will make the ball go to your right. You do not want to swing too early or too late, however, or you will miss and get a strike. If you hit under the ball, it is likely to travel higher, while hitting the ball on its top will cause a line drive. Try to hit the ball with the fattest part of the bit and slightly under it to maximize your chances of a home run in this baseball game, but try not to hit it towards outfielders or they may catch the ball, putting your batter out.

Pinch Hitter is a fun baseball game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages, but you may want to mute the sound for younger players, because not all of the words used when striking out are family-friendly. If you think that you have what it takes, step up to the plate and find out in Pinch Hitter!