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The control scheme of Pin Pals is very easy to pick up. Just like other bowling games out there, Pin Pals is played entirely with the mouse. Use the mouse to move your bowling ball to the left or right. Press the left click button to fix its position. Aim with your mouse (using the green arrow) and release your mouse click to get your bowling ball rolling. That's about everything you need to know about the controls. Let's have a closer look at Pin Pals Bowling Game...


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Pin Pals Walkthrough

Aim, shoot, and take out all of those bowling pins - this is your objective in Pin Pals Bowling Game. Nothing really complicated or mind boggling about it. BUT the side story, graphics, sounds, and everything else in between make this bowling game a notch or two more interesting than the rest of the gang. In this bowling game, you get to choose your playing partner. All of them are cool school guys and gals.

To start off, there's Dwayne. He's a 17 year old fella who is about to graduate... finally. A lover of music, he often jams with his Big Brother. He DJ's while his older bro hits the drums... making all sorts of unusual noise. Next, there is Kate - a 15 year old blonde who loves to play Frisbee. I just hope her Frisbee throwing skills would help her in this Bowling game. Also, there is Rosa. She's a 15-year old gal who talks girl talk in Spanish with her Big Sister. Apparently, her siblings are still learning to speak in English and she plays 'English Teacher' at home. Next to Rosa is Ryan. He's an 11-year old chubby who's Big Brother is a member of the college basketball team. He practices with him a lot... BUT is it enough to get him to places as far as bowling goes? There's only one way to find out - play the game!

All in all, there are 6 team mates to choose from in Pin Pal Bowling Game. It's at the game's starting screen. Take a look at them and hover your mouse to find out a little more about them. OK, now onto the mechanics and game play of Pin Pals Bowling Game: (1) To start off, using your cursor, move the bowling ball to the left or right. (2) Once you have made up your mind about your ball's positioning, click and hold it down to keep it in place. (3) Next, aim with the green arrow to the left or right with your mouse. By the way, you won't be able to move the green arrow if your cursor goes beyond the red line. (4) When you are happy with everything, just release the mouse button to get the bowling ball rolling. (5) Watch your team mate take his turn... rinse and repeat!

No stress, no commitments, no hassle - just pure bowling action and fun. This is what Pin Pal Bowling Game is all about. Comes at you with different team mates / playing partners to choose from; nice graphics and smooth animation; A-OK sound effects - this bowling game is definitely above average.