Perfect Hoopz 2

Perfect Hoopz 2 Instructions

Perfect Hoopz 2 is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Use the mouse to position the ball within the circle. Click and drag to set the angle and power of your shot. Press the spacebar if you want to cancel your shot. Release the mouse button in order to make your shot.


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Perfect Hoopz 2 Walkthrough

Perfect Hoopz 2 is a hybrid of puzzle game and basketball game and is the sequel to Perfect Hoopz. Perfect Hoopz 2 features improved graphics, two modes of gameplay, and twenty-five new levels that are sure to provide a challenge!

Perfect Hoopz 2 features two game modes: Normal Mode and Timed Mode. Levels are unlocked independently in this basketball game, so unlocking a level and Normal Mode will not unlock the level in Timed Mode, and vice versa. Your progress is saved in each game mode, so you may continue your game from any previously-unlocked stage at a later date.

Normal Mode plays just like the first Perfect Hoopz. Your objective is to make three baskets in order to advance to the next level. You are given five basketballs to try to accomplish this goal. If you fail to make three baskets, you will have to play the level over again. Unfortunately, this basketball game will not automatically restart if it becomes impossible for you to win the level with your remaining shots; you will have to manually click the restart button, or take all of your shots for the game to prompt you to restart.

The second mode in Perfect Hoopz 2 is Timed Mode, which is introduced in this sequel. Timed Mode gives you unlimited attempts to sink three baskets, but you must do so within thirty seconds. I only advise you to try Timed Mode after you are comfortable with the gameplay dynamics of this basketball game as practiced in Normal Mode.

Perfect Hoopz 2 is a very challenging game. Even the first level, with few obstacles can be challenging as you learn how to aim and set your shot's power. As you progress in this puzzle game, you will have to bank your basketball off of various objects as well as avoid obstacles. This presents a major challenge, but once you've successfully sunken a basket, remembering the same angle, power, and position that you made the shot from will ensure your success every time.

Perfect Hoopz 2 is a unique basketball game that puts more emphasis on brain power than slam-dunking action. If you are a fan of puzzle games, then Perfect Hoopz 2 is sure to strike your fancy!