One-On-One Basketball Challenge

One-On-One Basketball Challenge Instructions

One-On-One Basketball Challenge is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the arrow keys to move your player. Press the spacebar to shoot the ball.


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One-On-One Basketball Challenge Walkthrough

What's in a name? In the case of One-On-One Basketball Challenge, a fairly straightforward description of a sports game! One-On-One Basketball Challenge is a basketball game featuring smooth animations, simply controls, and challenging one-on-one action!

In One-On-One Basketball Challenge, your objective is to shoot as many baskets as possible against your computer-controlled opponent before the end of the two-minute time limit. You are always on offense in this basketball game, so you will only have to focus on sinking hoops, not defending your own basket. There is no objective way to win or lose, so just score as many points before the clock runs out!

One-On-One Basketball Challenge uses a simple keyboard control scheme. The left and right arrow keys move your player in the corresponding directions. The up and down arrow keys move your player towards and away from the basket respectively. Press the up arrow key and the right arrow key simultaneous to spin your player away from the defender in order to post up. Press the down and left arrow keys simultaneously to spin your player towards the basket. Finally, the spacebar is used to shoot the ball.

Three-pointers cannot be scored in One-On-One Basketball Challenge. This fact gives players little incentive to attempt long-range goals in this sports game. Instead, it is better to perform close-range shots and dunks due to their higher accuracy. While it is not possible to score three-pointers, it is possible to earn extra points for style. Style points are earned by faking out the defender, moving a lot before taking your shot, and performing spins. Be advised that you will not earn style points unless you successfully sink a basket.

One-On-One Basketball Challenge is a terrific basketball game that is easy to pick up and quick to play. If you are up for a quick game of one-on-one, take to the court in this spectacular sports game!