Office Mini Golf

Office Mini Golf Instructions

Office Mini Golf is controlled by using the mouse. At the beginning of each hole, click to place the ball on one of the three starting positions. To hit the ball, click the ball and drag around it to set your power and aim. Release the mouse button to hit the ball.


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Office Mini Golf Walkthrough

Office Mini Golf is a miniature golf game presented by TBS. This golf game allows you to play alone or with up to four players and features jazzy music, clean graphics, and eighteen entertaining holes.

The objective of Office Mini Golf is to get the ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible. If you are playing with friends, then your objective is also to shoot a lower score than them. You are given the choice of playing the front nine, the back nine, or all eighteen holes. If you do not have a lot of time to spare, I suggest playing only nine holes of this golf game. The front nine offers a more leisurely gameplay experience, while the back nine of this golf game presents more of a challenge. When playing the full eighteen holes, you will play them in order starting with the front nine, and ending with the back nine.

Office Mini Golf is controlled entirely by the mouse. At the beginning of each hole, click on one of the three starting positions in the "tee box" to place your ball. Choose wisely, because your first stroke could determine your performance on the rest of the hole. To putt in this golf game, click on the ball and drag to aim and power your stroke. An arrow will appear indicating the direction and power of your putt. Release your mouse button to putt the ball. If if helps, you can imagine that clicking and dragging represents your backswing, and releasing the mouse button represents your foreswing.

In order to get a good score in Office Mini Golf, you will have to pay attention to your surroundings. You will have to apply more power to your stroke when putting up inclines, and less power when putting on a downward slope. There are also a variety of office-themed obstacles such as pencils, vibrating cell phones, and even spilled coffee. When putting through liquid substances such as coffee or soda, you will have to apply full force to get out of it, so it is best to avoid it completely if you want to save strokes.

Office Mini Golf is a unique miniature golf game that is fun to play alone or with friends. The back nine messed me up a bit, so I ended up shooting two over par. Find out if you can do better in Office Mini Golf!