Monster House

Monster House Instructions

Monster House is controlled by using the mouse. Click on an arrow to select a shooting position. Click the mouse to stop the shot meter. Stopping it in the "sweet spot" provides a better shot.


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Monster House Walkthrough

Monster House is a basketball game that pits you in a one versus one game of hoops against a computer-controlled opponent. This basketball game is based upon the animated horror film, Monster House and features characters from the film.

Monster House is a basketball game that is very similar to the H-O-R-S-E variant of basketball, with the exception that in this game, the word "house" is spelled rather than "horse". Each player takes turns shooting from the same position. If the first player makes their shot, but the second player misses, then the second player will gain a letter. The first player to spell the word "house" (miss five baskets that their opponent made) loses the game.

Monster House is very easy to control. Simply choose the place that you want to shoot from by clicking on the appropriate arrow. When shooting, you must click the mouse to stop the ball on the shot meter (located in the upper-right corner of the game). The first click will stop the angle meter, and the second click will stop the power meter. The closer that you stop the orange ball to the gray ball ("sweet spot") on each meter, the better chance you will have of sinking the basket!

It is very easy to beat your computer-controlled opponent in Monster House if you have good timing. The AI-controlled opponent does not have an accuracy advantage, and in many cases seems to intentionally miss the basket. There is nothing that you can do to improve or throw off the AI, so all that you can do is concentrate on your own timing. The position from which you make your shot does not seem to be a major factor either. The only thing that may prove difficult in Monster House is the increasing speed of the meters as you progress in this basketball game.

Monster House is a simple basketball game that is fun to play if you have a few minutes to spare. Due to the ease of this basketball game and its cartoonish nature, Monster House may be an ideal game for children!