Monster Golf Lite

Monster Golf Lite Instructions

Monster Golf Lite is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Move your mouse to set the direction and power of your stroke. Click the left mouse button to hit the ball. Use the arrow keys to rotate the camera and change your perspective of the course.


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Monster Golf Lite Walkthrough

Monster Golf Lite is a Halloween-themed miniature golf game, but it can be enjoyed year-round! This sports game features cute 3D graphics, a straightforward control scheme, and challenging holes that will put your golf skill to the test!

The objective of Monster Golf Lite is to putt the ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible. Each hole has a par number of strokes that you should aim to meet or to beat. Since you are not pitted against a human or AI-controlled opponent in this golf game, there is no objective way to lose. You should still try to get as low of a score as possible, and may want to challenge yourself and see if you can improve the next time that you play. It should be noted that Monster Golf Lite only features the first six holes of the full sports game, but these six holes still provide a challenging taste of what the full game has in store (especially the last one; it's a doozy!).

Monster Golf Lite uses the mouse as its primary control device. Move your mouse to aim and power your shot. The farther you move your mouse from the ball, the harder you will hit it when you click the left mouse button. It is important to note that the ball will travel in the opposite direction of your mouse cursor, thus, moving your mouse can be considered the backstroke of your putt, while clicking the left mouse button is the forward swing.

Sometimes the camera angle can throw you off in this golf game. Luckily, you can use the arrow keys to rotate the camera and get a better view of the course. I advise you to rotate the camera and check out the course even if you think you have a good idea of its layout. Proper knowledge of a hole can help you to shave a few strokes off of your score!

Monster Golf Lite may not feature a full mean eighteen, but you can still get kicks with its challenging six. It may not be Halloween, but you can still have a blast playing this ghoulish golf game!