Mini Putt

Mini Putt Instructions

Mini Putt is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to position for first putt from the "tee box". Move your mouse to aim and power your stroke. Click to putt.


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Mini Putt Walkthrough

Mini Putt is a straightforward miniature golf game. The putting game features simple top-down graphics, an easy control scheme and eighteen holes of varying difficulty.

The objective of Mini Putt is to sink the ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible. As is the case in real miniature golf, each hole in this golf game has a par number of strokes. There is no way to explicitly win or lose in this golf game, but it is best to have a total of as few strokes as possible. Par for the course is forty-eight strokes. The game ends after all eighteen holes have been played.

The controls of Mini Putt are simple. Before your first stroke, you must place your ball onto the putting surface. You may only place your ball within the dark green "tee box" at the beginning of the hole. To do this, simply move your mouse within the tee box and click where you want to place it. The initial placement of your ball can have a major effect on your performance in this golf game, so be sure to get an overview of the entire hole and plan your strokes before placing the ball. Once you place the ball, you cannot pick it up and place it again.

Putting in this golf game is a cinch. The direction and power of your shot is determined by the position of your mouse relative to the ball. The ball will travel in the opposite direction of where the mouse is. The farther your mouse cursor is from your ball, the more power will be applied to your stroke. When you are satisfied with the power and direction of your shot, simply click to putt. To conceptualize this, imagine that the position of your mouse cursor represents your backswing, while clicking causes your foreswing. To help you with your aim, a yellow dotted line appears from your ball while you are aiming. In general, it is best to make sure that this dotted line is halfway to your target on normal surfaces. You will have to apply more power to your stroke in this golf game when putting against the slope, and less power when putting with the slope.

Mini Putt does not offer upgrades, AI-controlled competition, or powerups, but it is still a fun miniature golf game for gamers that prefer a more straightforward gameplay experience. I was able to score three under par; if you think that you can do better, find out by playing Mini Putt!