Midfield Master

Midfield Master Instructions

Midfield Master is controlled by using the mouse. Click on the "Go" button to begin a pass. Use the mouse to aim your pass. Click the mouse button to start the accuracy bar. Release the mouse button to pass.


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Midfield Master Walkthrough

Midfield Master is a soccer game that puts you in the position of an offensive midfielder. This sports game features simple controls, thirty-two teams to choose from, and challenging gameplay.

The objective of Midfield Master is to become the World Cup champion by beating all of the teams in your division, then winning a four tier tournament. The team that you choose to play as has no effect on the gameplay of this sports game, so picking any team will do. If you manage to win each game, you will play a total of seven rounds. You do not have to worry about directly scoring or goalkeeping in this soccer game. Since you are an offensive midfielder, you only need to worry about passing the ball to your teammates; they will handle the rest.

Midfield Master is a simple soccer game to control. To aim a pass, use your mouse to move the crosshair. Click and hold the left mouse button to start up the accuracy bar and release the mouse button to pass the ball. The closer the pointers on the accuracy bar are the the center, the better the pass will be. Passing the ball with the pointers dead in the center of the accuracy bar almost always results in the player that you passed the ball to scoring a goal. You must be quick, however, because waiting longer than three seconds to release the mouse button will result in your opponents scoring a goal. You get five passes in each round of this soccer game.

Occasionally, one of your teammates will attempt a goal, but the opposing goalkeeper will block it and knock the ball out of bounds. This will result in a corner kick. Controlling a corner kick in Midfield Master is similar to controlling normal passes, but instead of holding down the mouse button, simply click to stop the accuracy bar. Corner kicks do not count as one of your five passes.

Midfield Master is a great soccer game that only takes about ten minutes to complete. See if you can take your team to championship glory in Midfield Master!