Micro Sports

Micro Sports Instructions

Micro Sports is primarily controlled by using the mouse, but some levels will require the use of the keyboard. Further instructions are given in the game, so be sure to pay attention to any prompts so that you will know what to do. If you need to pause the game, click on the pause icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.


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Micro Sports Walkthrough

Micro Sports is a fast-paced sports game featuring a variety of sports presented in the form of minigames. Micro Sports features simple graphics, thirty levels, and gameplay that requires players to think and to act quickly!

The objective of Micro Sports is to complete all thirty levels without losing your seven lives. The faster you complete the levels, the better your score will be at the end of the game. If you fail to complete a level before the red timer bar is depleted, you will lose a life and be penalized thirty seconds at the end of this sports game. When all seven lives are lost, the game is over. A ten-second bonus will be reduced from your time for each life remaining if you manage to complete the entire game.

The thirty levels of Micro Sports are actually a variety of minigames, so there is no universal set of controls to use. The directions of each game will be represented in some way on the playing field. There is nothing extremely complex to look for so just be observant and pay attention to any instructions that are given. Most of the minigames in this sports game require the use of the mouse in some way, but the cheerleader minigame uses the arrow keys.

If you manage to beat all thirty levels of this sports game, you will be eligible to earn achievements. The less time that you spend completing the game and the more lives that you have remaining at the end, the better your achievement will be. If you fail to complete the game, you will not be able to earn achievements.

Micro Sports is a challenging sports game that will test you dexterity. If you enjoy trying a full gamut of sports including golf, car racing, and shooting, then Micro Sports is just the sports game for you!