League Bowling

League Bowling Instructions

The control scheme of this bowling game is quite different from the norm. If you have been used to playing bowling games with just your mouse, then you need a little practice for this one as you need to use your keyboard (specifically the A button) for playing League Bowling: (1) See that indicator moving from left to right and back and forth? That determines the direction of your roll. Unless you have some strategy in mind (which I doubt you would), you want to hit the A button when the indicator is right at the middle. (2) Next, you need to tweak or adjust how much power you want to put in your roll. Again, there is an indicator and you need to press the A button when the bar reaches the right spot. After that, you can sit back and relax as your buffed and cut bowling hero goes for the roll and makes funny expressions in this classic arcade bowling game translated into flash! Let's have a closer look at the game.


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League Bowling Walkthrough

The Neo Geo classic has returned in flash version! Yes, folks this is the Neo Geo bowling game you used to play years back... and it's now in Flash. Nah, you don't have to shell out coins to play the game. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy! It's not like your average online bowling games. For one thing, this comes with a 4 Player Game Mode! It's built from top to bottom to be enjoyed by the whole gang. And I believe the developer is still working on it to include more original cinematic / cut scenes in the flash version; record high scores (Read: extra bragging rights!); and to include ONLINE multi player. I don't know about you BUT that sounds like a heck lot of fun especially for someone who has played (and got addicted) to the original arcade game.

The graphics, the music, the game play, and everything else in between - none of them were changed at all... which is NICE! Now I wouldn't say that this is a 100 percent perfect translation of a classic arcade game to flash. BUT I do have to say that this one came really close! You could only guess how many sprites the developer had to cut out and clean in Photoshop to create this flash remake of League Bowling. I have never played bowling in real life to be honest, BUT League Bowling made me an avid fan of online bowling games. The only thing that needs fixing in this game is that the pins roll over to the left or right... they just pass through the other standing bowling pins without budging them. If the developer could fix that, landing a strike would be so much easier.

Anyway, for those want to land or score a strike all the time, here are some tips (far from easy tips if I may add): (1) First off, position your bowler, who looks more like a body builder, right in the middle. (2) Next, move the direction indicator right in the middle. This requires good timing. (3) Lastly, roll the ball with all your might. It's not easy to do, BUT once you get the hang of it, scoring strikes should be easier. HOWEVER, if you don't pull it off correctly, you will be saddled with a split, which is still fun since you get to see your muscular bowler go 'POOF!' like a balloon as he says: 'Oh... My... Gosh!' Well, summing things up, this game is fun. A heck lot of fun I must say. Enough said. I'm out to play another round of League Bowling!