King of Defenders

King of Defenders Instructions

King of Defenders is controlled by using the mouse. Use your mouse to place the marker on the flight path of the ball. Click and drag from the marker to set the angle of your shot.


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King of Defenders Walkthrough

King of Defenders is a soccer game that puts you in the role of the famous English footballer, John Terry. This sports game features cartoon graphics, simple controls, and humorous, challenging gameplay!

Your objective in King of Defenders is to lead England to victory by scoring headers. This soccer game has seven levels in all, with two "halves" each. Each progressive round becomes more and more challenging with the ball moving faster and more defenders added to try to block your spike. You will automatically go on to the next round of the game whether you score or not, provided that you have lives left. You start with three lives and you will lose a life for each goal that you miss. If you miss three goals in this soccer game, then it's game over for you!

To control John Terry's movement in King of Defenders, simply move your mouse to set the position of the marker on the flight path of the ball. Click when the marker is over the ball to attempt to spike it off of your head into the goal. You may also click and drag from the marker to set the angle of your spike.

To score headers in this soccer game, try to aim where there are few defenders to get in your way. If you spike the ball at the top of its arch, you will have to aim the ball downwards by clicking and dragging to prevent it from going over the goal. Make sure to time your attempt wisely, especially on later levels, because defenders may jump to get in your way.

King of Defenders is a simple soccer game that is great for passing the time. Diehard fans of the sport may be disappointed since this sports game does not feature a full field, but casual gamers will enjoy it as a quick thrill. Remember that you are controlling the English hero, John Terry, so make him proud!