iStunt 2

iStunt 2 Instructions

The keyboard is used to control iStunt 2. The left and right arrow keys rotate your snowboarder. The down arrow key is used to crouch and the up arrow key is used to jump. The Z and X keys are used to grab your board. The P key pauses the game.


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iStunt 2 Walkthrough

Have you ever wanted to try extreme snowboarding without risking your limbs or enduring the cold? If so, then iStunt 2 is just the extreme sports game for you! This sports game is the second of the iStunt series and the first to be released as a Flash game (the series is also available for the iPhone) and features well-designed graphics, simple controls, and fifteen challenging levels.

The objective of iStunt 2 is to complete each course by passing the green flag. Red flags along the way count as checkpoints, so if you crash you will not have to start at the beginning of the stage if you pass one. You have an unlimited number of attempts on each level. Your progress is saved upon the completion of each level in this snowboarding game, so you can continue from the level that you left off on the next time that you play.

The keyboard is the control device of iStunt 2. The up and down arrow keys are used to jump and to crouch respectively. The left and right arrow keys are used to rotate your boarder. Rotation is important when making jumps; make sure that your board lands flat on the ground or you will crash! The Z and X keys are used to grab your board and mid-air. Performing grabs rewards extra points in this sports game, but be sure to release the board before hitting the ground!

To improve your score in iStunt 2, you must perform stunts and collect stars. Each level contains ten stars. If you do not manage to collect them all, you can always retry the level. Stunts such as grabs and flips can improve your score, but doing so also puts you at a greater risk of crashing, so novice players should not attempt to perform too many stunts. It is also imperative to pay attention to signs in this sports game. Signs may have tips to help you along or warn you of impending danger!

If you are a fan of extreme sports games, then give iStunt 2 a try. This snowboarding game can be sped through if you are a casual gamer, or more experienced players can try to earn a high score!