Hoops Mania

Hoops Mania Instructions

Press number keys 1-3 to select players and shoot the ball.


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Hoops Mania Walkthrough

Hoops Mania is one of the most entertaining and addictive basketball games online simply because it's so incredibly unique. The basic premise of the game and the controls you'll be using are straightforward and easy to understand but the game can still be fairly difficult; especially when you reach level three. The great thing about this game is that it takes the standard basketball game format and throws it out the window; giving players something completely new and refreshing which is definitely not an easy thing to accomplish when it comes to online basketball games. The greatest thing about this game is that it manages to be unique and original without straying from the basic basketball game genre. This is a game for fans of basketball games that are looking for something a little different who also don't want to abandon the genre completely.

The basic set up of Hoops Mania is pretty simple. You have three players and one net. The players have jerseys numbered one through three. The hoop moves back and forth in front of the players and your job is to make the right player shoot at the right time to get the ball in the hoop. You get bonus points for swishes (nothing but net shots). In addition, should you get four shots in a row, the hoop will burst into flames and will stay ignited for a few seconds, allowing you to rack up some serious bonus points. You'll also get bonus points depending on your level of accuracy.

Hoops Mania draws its greatest strength from its simplicity. This is truly a basketball game that is accessible and appealing to a very wide range of online game fans; not just fans of the basketball genre. There is absolutely nothing complicated about this game yet it manages to be fairly difficult. Timing is king in this game. If you can't time your shots well, you stand no chance of doing well in this game. Pay attention to where that hoop is and how fast the hoop is moving. Base when to take your shot on that information. There is a small window of opportunity for each player to sink a basket. Make sure you know when that window opens and when it closes. You shouldn't be starting a shot just as the hoop is in front of a player. You should always start a shot just before the hoop reaches the player. How soon depends on the level you're on.

Each level in Hoops Mania increases the distance between the player and the hoop and increases the speed of the hoop's movement from one side of the screen to the other. That definitely ups the difficulty level but with time, patience and practice, you will improve and you will be able to do well in this game. This is certainly one of my favorite basketball games online simply because it doesn't throw in a bunch of extra things. It's basic but it's difficult. It rewards accuracy and attention to timing. While you have a goal you have to meet in order to progress to a new level (shown at the top of the screen) meeting this goals isn't really hard once you have the timing down. That can however be a disadvantage as once you've mastered the timing, the game can feel a bit too easy. All the same, you'll have a lot of fun in the meantime. This is definitely a game any fan of basketball games or sports games in general should check out.