Golf Master 3D

Golf Master 3D Instructions

Golf Master 3D is controlled by using the mouse. Click the arrows above the player to aim your shot. Click and hold the "Strike" button to power your stroke. Releasing the "Strike" button hits the ball. Click on the button adjacent to the word "Club" to select which club you want to use.


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Golf Master 3D Walkthrough

Golf Master 3D is an outstanding golf game with gameplay similar to Microsoft's Fuji Golf. Golf Master 3D features eighteen holes pseudo-3D graphics, and seven clubs to choose from.

If you are familiar with the rules of golf, then the rules of Golf Master 3D will not be too difficult to understand. Your objective is to get the ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible. Hitting the ball out of bounds or into a water hazard invokes a penalty stroke, and you will have to hit the ball from where you hit it last (unfortunately, unlike in real golf, you cannot take a drop if your ball ends up in a water hazard in this golf game). Once you have sunken the ball into the hole, you will proceed to the next hole of the course.

Controlling Golf Master 3D is simple. To aim, click on the arrows above your golfer's head. You may press and hold these buttons to continuously rotate your player. To swing, click and hold the "Strike" button to power your shot. Release the button when you have your desired striking power. It is best not to wait until the power bar fills completely, because when doing so you run the risk of the bar cycling back down to no power. An unpowered stroke will go nowhere in this golf game, but it will still count against your score!

Unlike other Flash golf games, Golf Master 3D is played from tee to green, so you will have to choose the right club for the job. The driver is excellent to play from the tee box, and even in the fairway on some longer holes. The sand wedge is a handy tool for getting out of green-side bunkers, and of course, the putter is used for putting. Unfortunately, this golf game does not give you yardage to the green, so you will have to experiment with the different clubs to get a feel for how they work in this golf game.

Fans of golf games will enjoy Golf Master 3D for its tee-to-green gameplay, but if you are a fan of the actual sport, you may be disappointed. Firstly, your putting is effected by the wind, and greens have no slope. If you have played golf in real life, you will know that it is sometimes good to putt from the fringe of the green rather than chip (this is known as "using a Texas wedge"). You cannot expect to get very far using this technique in Golf Master 3D. This golf game only features seven clubs, half of the usual number of clubs that golfers are allowed to carry. Finally, no country club staff would be happy with a golfer chipping divots into their green with a nine iron.

Despite its flaws, Golf Master 3D is a solid sports game. If you are looking for a Flash golf game that isn't just a round of putt-putt and offers the full experience of eighteen holes, then Golf Master 3D is perfect for you!