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Football 3D Instructions

Football 3D is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the left and right arrow keys to turn your player. The up arrow key moves your player in the direction that he is facing. Press the spacebar to shoot the ball.


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Football 3D Walkthrough

Football 3D is a simplistic Shockwave soccer game (football game for those living outside of the United States). This sports game features cute 3D graphics along with simple controls and gameplay, making it perfect for casual gamers.

When you first load up Football 3D, you may notice that the instructions are in German. Kein problem! You do not have to be a German-speaker to appreciate this sports games, we will help you get started. To begin gameplay, click the button labeled "Spielen" in the lower-left corner of the screen. Once you are in the game, the keyboard is used to control your player. Pressing the left or right arrow keys turns your player in the corresponding direction. Pressing and holding the up arrow key causes your player to run in the direction that he is facing. Finally, the spacebar is used to shoot the ball.

The objective of Football 3D is to score as many goals as possible before the sixty-second time limit expires (indicated by the numbers adjacent to the word "zeit", which is German for time). The number of goals that you have scored is displayed next to the word "tore" at the bottom of the screen and the number of points that you have scored is next to the word "punkte". The number of points earned for scoring goals in this soccer game seems to be based on the distance of your player from the goal, the amount of time that the ball was in your possession before shooting, and the how much you moved before shooting, but it could be arbitrary. Focus more on scoring goals than maximizing your points; points come with goals anyway.

Football 3D may seem intimidating since you are a single player going up against an opposing team of three defenders and a goalkeeper, but it is actually quite simple to score once you get the hang of it. Once you are in possession of the ball, weave through the defenders and try to shoot the ball into the goal diagonally. By using this method, you can score in excess of a dozen goals before the sixty seconds are up.

Football 3D is a simple sports game that casual gamers will certainly enjoy, but players that want something more challenging may find it disappointing. Hopefully, the developers of Football 3D will use its engine to develop a full soccer game in the future!