FMX Team 2

FMX Team 2 Instructions

FMX Team 2 is controlled by using the keyboard. The left and right arrow keys lean the driver. The up arrow key drives forward and the down arrow key brakes. Use the 1-6 number keys to perform stunts.


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FMX Team 2 Walkthrough

FMX Team 2 is the sequel to the motorcycle game, FMX Team. This sports game features improved graphics and sounds over those of its predecessor as well as more forgiving gameplay.

The goal of FMX Team 2 is to complete each level by performing tricks and scoring enough points to qualify for the next track. This sports game features three new characters, each with their own attributes and tricks. You are given three lives to complete each track. If you fail to reach the score quota, complete the course in time, or crash three times, you will not advance and you will have to try again using a different character. Your progress is automatically saved, so you do not have to complete all fifteen levels in one session.

FMX Team 2 uses the same controls as its predecessor, but adds the ability to brake, making it much easier to control your bike. The up arrow key is used to accelerate and the down arrow key is used to brake. The left and right arrow keys rotate your bike. To perform stunts, the number keys (1-6) are used. Basic stunts such as flips and wheelies provide less points in this sports game than in the first FMX Team, so you will have to rely more on your number key tricks if you want to earn big points!

Unlike the first FMX Team, FMX Team 2 uses a shared experience pool. Experience points are earned by completing levels and may be used to increase the attributes of any character on the team not just the character that completed the level. Tricks are unlocked by performing designated stunts on levels rather than being unlocked by experience. Tricks are not shared amongst team members in this sports game.

If you enjoyed the first FMX Team, then you will appreciate FMX Team 2 for its improved graphics and gameplay. This motorcycle game is also more forgiving compared to its forerunner, so casual gamers will be able to enjoy it as well!