Fish Bowling

Fish Bowling Instructions

Bowling games are easy to play by nature. The control scheme for majority of bowling games out there involves your mouse, and this is no exception. In Fish Bowling, you need to use your mouse to (1) position your bowling ball (and you are going to use a fish bowl with a goldy in it), (2) to adjust the power of your roll, and (3) to control the direction of the bowl as it rolls. That's about everything you need in the control department. Now, let's take a closer look at Fish Bowling.


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Fish Bowling Walkthrough

OK, before anything else, let me just remind you that no gold fish were harmed when this bowling game was created. With that out of the way, let's dig in. If you are the sort who needs his daily fix of bowling action (may it be on your computer or in real life), if you are really bored and want to play something that's easy going to kill sometime, or if you are somewhere in between, Fish Bowling is a game I would recommend. There no commitments, no hassles, or anything like it. Just play it when you feel like it, set it aside once you get your dose of bowling, go back to it again when you want to, and rinse and repeat.

So how do you get a game in Fish Bowling started? Simple - first off, you need to position your fish bowl. Just move your mouse from left to right... back and forth and the bowl will follow. After adjusting the position of the bowl, hit the left click button. Next, you need to adjust the power of your roll and this is done by moving your mouse up and down. The power of your roll is shown by the power bar / indicator on the left side of the game screen. Move it all the way up to reach maximum power and move it down to tone it down. It's that simple. When you think you are all set, just hit the left click button to fire the bowl away. Just sit back and relax as the... nah, that doesn't apply here. You see, the bowl is pretty sensitive. The slightest nudge on your mouse will change the bowl's direction so you need to keep your hands steady if you want the bowl to go where you want to.

Personally, I haven't landed or scored a strike in this bowling game. BUT I do score spares like it's nobody's business! Here's a trick I want to share for scoring spares all the time: (1) To start off, position your ball right in the middle of the screen. (2) Next, adjust the power. I usually move it all the way up for maximum kick. (3) Hit the left click button and, this is important, do NOT move your hand. May I say hold your breath until the bowl hits the pins? You want the bowl to hit right in the middle... PERIOD. When you execute this correctly, 8 pins go down the drain and the other 2 will be left on the right side of the track. From there, it's a piece of cake. Take the last 2 pins down and VIOLA! You just scored a spare! Now this is not guaranteed to work 100 percent. It all depends on how steady your hands are. Sometimes, a little nudge or jerk would lead to a split. And you would need a miracle to take all of the remaining pins down.

As for the visual appeal and sound effects, I would say Fish Bowling is A-OK. The design and visuals are clean. The sound effects are quite realistic... BUT there is no sound track. And I could live with that as far as I'm concerned. It helps you focus more on getting your rolls right. Summing things up, this is an above-average bowling game that fans of the genre would want to check out.