Elastic Soccer

Elastic Soccer Instructions

Elastic Soccer is controlled by using the mouse. Click and drag on players to shoot and pass the ball. Hold the shift key and move the mouse to control the goalkeeper.


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Elastic Soccer Walkthrough

Elastic Soccer is a sports game that is similar in a way to table soccer or foosball. This soccer game features top-down graphics, simple controls, and 8-bit music.

The goal (no pun intended) of Elastic Soccer is to score as many goals as possible while preventing the opposing team from scoring goals. You control the blue team and the computer controls the green team. The team with the most points at the end of three minutes wins.

Elastic Soccer uses the mouse as its control device. Click and drag on blue players to pull them back like elastic bands. This can be done to pass the ball to other players or attempt to shoot goals. The further you move your mouse away from the player when dragging, the more power will be applied. Release the mouse button to "kick" the ball. You can also control your goalkeeper by holding the shift key and moving your mouse up and down. It is a good idea to control your goalkeeper whenever the opposing team is in possession of the ball in this sports game.

Elastic Soccer is not difficult to grasp, making it ideal for casual players. The real difficulty of this soccer game lies in goalkeeping. The computer's goalkeeper is rather skilled at his job, so you might not be able to score many goals against them. If you can score a few goals and prevent the opposing team from scoring against you, however, you will have a chance at winning. When trying to make goals, pass to the player that is closest to the computer's goal; it is a waste of effort to attempt to score from across the field. Once a well-positioned player is in possession of the ball, use maximum power to attempt to score the goal.

Elastic Soccer is a simple sports game that only takes three minutes to play, making it perfect for quick breaks in the day. Die-hard Association Football fans may find the game to be too simple, but casual gamers will enjoy Elastic Soccer!