Disco Bowling

Disco Bowling Instructions

If you have played online and flash based bowling games before, then the control scheme of Disco Bowling should be very easy for you to pick up. Just like other games within the genre, Disco Bowling is played entirely with the mouse: (1) To begin with, move the mouse left to right and the hand with the bowling ball will follow. Once you think you have the positioning laid down perfectly, hit the left click button. (2) Next, you need to adjust the power of your roll or shot. To do just that, move the mouse up and down. The indicator on the left side of the game screen will show you how much power you put in your roll. (3) Done? Cool! Hit the left click button once again and watch your roll unfold. Oh! And one more thing, you can guide the ball's movement with...you guessed it, your mouse! Well, that's about everything you need to keep in mind as far as controls go. Check the game out now!


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Disco Bowling Walkthrough

Flash-based bowling games are some of the simplest and most relaxed games you will find in the internet. You don't have to sink your head on it or play it until your eyes are dry. Play it when you want it, set it aside if you have something more important to do... confident that you can always go back to it when you have time. Disco Bowling is no exception. And the colorful visuals, the disco theme complete with the floor and lights (hence the name Disco Bowling), and nice sound effects just makes the game even better!

What's even better is that, while the graphics are a notch or two better than other bowling games out there, it doesn't lag or hang up... and that gets plus points in my book. BUT in the sound effects and visuals department, there is one quibble I have with the game. The music used in the game is the sort that you would find in discos and bars. 'So what's the problem?' you may ask. Yeah, they are the sort you would hear in discos and bars BACK in the 80's. Well, I don't have any quibbles with old-school party music BUT it just doesn't sound appropriate for this one. May I suggest having 'Teach Me How To Dougie' by Cali Swag District or 'Cat Daddy' by The Rejects as the background music instead? Perhaps any Pit Bull song would do? Anything... anything BUT it's current sound track!

Well, going back to the game, while it's cool and all that (except the sound track) - it comes with easy controls, funky visuals, smooth animation, etc., there isn't as much rounds as you would find in real bowling and other 'more serious' online bowling games. BUT that shouldn't be a huge problem as you can always hit the 'Play Again' button over and over. If the developer could add mini games or other game modes, that would also take this game a notch or two higher.

Summing things up, if you are on the hunt for bowling games that comes with nice disco graphics and themes, one that has a nice animation, comes with easy controls, and more, Disco Bowling is a game you should check out. As for the sounds (I just can't seem to get over it), you can always mute it. Just click the Music Button at the starting screen. Enough talk! Let's party!