Circle Bowling

Circle Bowling Instructions

Aim, select spin, select power and shoot using the mouse and the left mouse button.


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Circle Bowling Walkthrough

Circle Bowling is one of the most unique and one of the most difficult bowling games online and that's what makes it so incredibly appealing. Fans of bowling games and sports games in general are going to absolutely love this one. Doing well in this game takes patience and timing. If your timing is off, there's a pretty good chance your ball is going to wind up in the gutter. You really have to nail all aspects of the shot. Your goal is to hit the balls at the end of the lane and get as many of them out of the circle as possible. That is much easier said than done.

With Circle Bowling, having experience with bowling games or other sports games isn't really going to help you a whole lot. This one is different enough that newcomers and experienced sports game players are really going to start out on even footing. To do well, you need to look at those balls at the end of the lane, look at the formation those balls are in and figure out where you need to hit the formation and how much strength you'll need to get the most impact. More power isn't always better, but you need to make sure you use enough power to at least get the ball to the end of the lane. These to things work together to decide how successful your shot will be.

Each ball in Circle Bowling has a point amount attached. In order to get the point total marked on the ball, you need to knock the ball completely out of the circle instead of simply just connecting with it. You only have two shots at each formation, so make those two shots count. You can see a close up view of the formation at the top left of the game screen. Use that close up view to plan your shot. Look for where the balls with the highest point totals are and figure out how you need to hit them to get them out of the circle. When you hit the formation, you can use that same close up view to see how you did and to see what balls (if any) are remaining in the circle. Use that to determine your next shot. If you can get the shooting down, you should be able to use that close up view to really nail your shots.

Shooting in Circle Bowling is a little difficult and will be hard to get used to when you begin playing. More experienced bowling game players might be able to get the hang of it a bit more quickly than new comers simply because they'll be more familiar with ball position and aim than the inexperienced, but it will still be a bit of a struggle to really master the skill. First, you'll position the ball. Look at the formation. Decide where you need to hit that formation and figure out where you need to place the ball to make that happen. Next you'll choose the spin you want on the ball. Spin is a big deciding factor in how successful your shot is going to be. Too much spin in either direction is going to send your ball straight to the gutter. The spin gage moves pretty fast so you really need to pay attention. Selecting the spin toward the top of the gage (in the green area) will give you a straighter shot which can come in handy. Spinning more to one side of the other is a dangerous strategy but if you know what you're doing, it can definitely pay off.

Overall, Circle Bowling is an addictive and engrossing little bowling game with great graphics and a truly challenging premise. You might not be fantastic at this one from the start but as you play, you will improve. You'll figure out how to use spin to your advantage. You'll get the hang of deciding how much power to use and your timing will get better when you're selecting both power and spin. With patience, everyone can do well with this game and that's really what makes it so appealing. You are continuously improving - assuming, of course that you don't get frustrated and give up. This is an excellent sports game that will keep you coming back for more time and time again.