Champions 2 Euro 2008

Champions 2 Euro 2008 Instructions

Champions 2 Euro 2008 is controlled by using the keyboard. The arrow keys move your selected player, the X key is used to pass, and the C key is used to shoot.


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Champions 2 Euro 2008 Walkthrough

Champions 2 Euro 2008 is the second game in the Champions series of soccer games, and the direct sequel of Champions 07. Champions 2 Euro 2008 features improved graphics over its predecessor, smoother gameplay, and sixteen national teams to choose from.

The objective of Champions 2 Euro 2008 is to defeat the other teams and win the tournament. There are sixteen teams to choose from representing various European countries. The team that you choose to play as has no actual effect on the gameplay of this soccer game, so choose the country that you like the best. Winning a game rewards three points, drawing rewards one point, and losing rewards no points. If you score the most points in your division, you will go on to a round robin tournament against the winners of the other divisions.

Each round in Champions 2 Euro 2008 is broken into two forty-five second halves. After each half, the teams will switch positions on the field. The team with the most goals at the end of the soccer game wins. If the game is a draw, there is no shootout or sudden death to break the tie; the game will simply end as a draw.

Champions 2 Euro 2008 has easy controls, but there is a bit left to be desired. The player that you are in control of has an arrow above their head. To move this player, use the arrow keys. To pass the ball to the nearest player on your team, use the X key. To shoot the ball, press and hold the C key. The longer you hold the C key down, the more power you will apply to your shot. Unfortunately, you can only control the player closest to the ball, and you cannot select which player you want to pass to in this soccer game. Goalkeeping is handled automatically by the AI.

Champions 2 Euro 2008 is quite a challenging soccer game. The fact that you cannot select which player that you want to pass to makes it even more challenging, if not frustrating. Try to pass when the path from your current player to your nearest teammate is clear. As a general tip, try not to shoot too far away from the opponent's goal, and make sure that you are not facing your own goal when shooting, or your may accidentally score for your opponent (the computer can take this advice too since there have been instances where the computer scored for me in this soccer game)! Shooting from just outside the corner of your opponent's penalty area increases your chances of scoring a goal.

Champions 2 Euro 2008 is an improvement over its predecessor and a fun soccer game appropriate for players of all ages. Champions 2 Euro 2008 is a simple sports game to pick up, but it will certainly provide a challenge if you wish to master it!