Bugs vs Daffy

Bugs vs Daffy Instructions

Bugs vs Daffy is controlled by using the keyboard. Use your mouse to choose whether you want to run or throw. Use the arrow keys to move Bugs down the field.


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Bugs vs Daffy Walkthrough

If you are familiar with the classic animated series, Looney Tunes, then you will know that there is an intense rivalry between Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. Instead of battling it out with cartoon gags, they have decided to take their quarrel to the gridiron in Bugs vs Daffy (they were probably tired of basketball after Space Jam).

In Bugs vs Daffy, you control Bugs Bunny against Daffy Duck's team of hired goons. You must score three touchdowns within two minutes in order to win the game. Some of the basic rules of football apply in this sports game, for example, you will have to gain at least ten yards in order to make a first down. If you fail to gain ten yards after four downs, the opposing team will not gain possession of the ball, but you will receive a fifteen yard penalty. You will lose the game if you are pushed back into you own end zone or if you fail to score three touchdowns before time runs out.

Before each play, you must choose whether you want to pass the ball or run the ball. Remember that Bugs is the only member of your team in Bugs vs Daffy, so if you choose to pass the ball, you will have to run through a maze of defenders and catch it before it hits the ground. If you choose to run the ball, you will have to evade defenders as they attempt to tackle you. Running is probably the best option in this football game since it is nearly impossible to catch passes. Most gamers should have no trouble running the ball to a first down within four tries.

Bugs vs Daffy is a quick, fun football game that is great for casual gamers, young gamers, and fans of the Looney Tunes. There is only one bug in the game (no pun intended): if you win the game, it is possible that the losing screen will still show up. Maybe this sports game is keeping Daffy in character; he's always been a cheater!