Beat the Wall

Beat the Wall Instructions

Beat the Wall is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the arrow keys to aim your kick, then press the spacebar to confirm your choice. The spacebar is also used to stop the crosshair and set the bend and lift of your shots.


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Beat the Wall Walkthrough

Beat the Wall is a straightforward soccer game that focuses on penalty kicks. This sports game features six levels to beat, awesome three-dimensional graphics, and simple keyboard controls.

In Beat the Wall, the goal is to well, score goals. This may sound simple, but the opposing team will try their best to thwart your efforts! There are six levels to complete in this soccer game. You are given three attempts on each level to score a goal. If you fail to score a goal after three tries, then you will lose the game. There are no continues in this sports game, so once you lose you will have to start the game from its beginning.

Beat the Wall uses a four-stage keyboard control scheme. In the first stage, the arrow keys are used to aim your kick, then pres the spacebar to move on to the next. In the second stage, use the up and down arrow keys to move closer to and farther away from the ball respectively. The more distance you put between you and the ball, the harder you will kick the ball. Press the spacebar to set your distance and move on to the third stage. In the third and fourth control stages, the spacebar is pressed to stop a crosshair on the ball and set the bend (third stage) and lift (fourth stage) of your kick.

Precision is the key to success in this sports game. The control stages do not have time limits, so you can take your time when planning out your kicks. It is also important to compensate for the wind in this soccer game. The flag in the lower-left corner of the screen indicates the wind speed and direction. Adjust your kick so that the wind does not blow the ball away from the goal. In some cases, however, you may actually want to use the wind to add additional curvature to your shot.

Beat the Wall has a simple concept, but still proves to be challenging. This combination makes for an excellent sports game that fans of all skill levels can enjoy!