Batting Champ

Batting Champ Instructions

Batting Champ is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. For minor league players, use the arrow keys to move your batter and the mouse control the bat. Major league players use mouse-only controls.


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Batting Champ Walkthrough

Batting Champ is a baseball game where you must swing for the fences! This sports game features simple controls and quick, easy gameplay.

In Batting Champ, you will receive eleven pitches. Your objective is to hit the pitches as far as you can. Your final score will be based on the total distance of all of your successful hits. The pitcher will never throw balls in this baseball game, so it is best to swing and try to hit each pitch.

The control scheme of Batting Champ depends on the type of player that you choose. Minor league players use keyboard and mouse controls. The left and right arrow keys move the batter. Moving the mouse upwards causes your batter to swing his bat. The faster that you move your mouse, the harder the batter will swing. Major league players have more power and use mouse-only controls. Move the mouse left and right to move the batter. Moving the mouse upwards causes your batter to swing, the same as the minor league controls. Although the player selection screen of this sports game states that minor league players are easier to control, I suggest using the major league players due to their strength and mouse-only controls.

The key to success in Batting Champ is timing. Swing at just the right time to catch the ball with the fat part of the bat. Hitting the "sweet spot" is essential if you want to hit homers. If you hit the ball with the edge of the bat, you won't get the maximum distance and you run the risk of hitting a foul ball. Foul balls count as strikes in this baseball game and do not add to your score.

Batting Champ is an addictive sports game with appeal to gamers of all skill levels. Step up to the plate in this simple and fun baseball game!