BasketBalls Instructions

BasketBalls is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. The mouse is used to aim and to shoot the basketball. The F key may be used to fast-forward the game if the ball gets stuck. The R key is used to restart the level.


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BasketBalls Walkthrough

BasketBalls is a puzzle game and is the spiritual successor to Soccer Balls. Instead of hitting the referee with soccer balls, BasketBalls requires your team to shoot the ball into each hoop on the level in order to progress. This puzzle game features crisp cartoon graphics, fun sound effects and thirty-eight entertaining levels.

The objective to BasketBalls is to sink a ball in every hoop on the level in as fast of a time as possible. There is no time limit to this puzzle game, but the faster that you complete each level, the higher your score and the greater your rewards will be.

BasketBalls is very simple to control. To throw the ball, simply move your mouse cursor to aim, and click to throw. The trajectory of your throw is indicated by a thin white line next to your player, and the trajectory of your last shot is shown as a thin translucent line. You cannot move your players, but you may pass the ball between players by simply throwing it towards them. Be careful though, because opposing players may try to block your pass on some levels of this basketball game!

BasketBalls also features a variety of items in each level, including switches, cannons, and crates. In a nod to Soccer Balls, you can also hit referees in this puzzle game. Hitting referees is not the objective, unlike in the aforementioned game, but doing so will reduce five seconds off of the clock, allowing you to achieve a higher score!

In some cases, you may throw the ball without one of your teammates being able to recover it. When this happens, the ball timer at the bottom of the game's interface will begin ticking. When the ball timer has become a full circle, the ball will be teleported into the hands of the last player to shot. You may speed up this process by pressing the F key.

BasketBalls is a very challenging game, and sometimes, your actions may cause you to not be able to complete a level. Don't worry, because you can use the R key to start the level from the very beginning with the clock reset! You may use this method at any time, and you may find it useful if you want to try to attain a higher score in this puzzle game.

As expected from turboNike, BasketBalls is a hard-hitting and addicting game. This puzzle game features well-polished graphics, outstanding music, and highly-addicting gameplay. If you are a fan of Soccer Balls, or just a fan of puzzle games in general, be sure to check out BasketBalls!